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Outboards with EFI vs. Standard 4 Stroke Outboards

Outboards with EFI vs Standard 4 Stroke Outboards

Outboards with EFI vs. Standard 4 Stroke Outboards, One of the decisions you’ll have to make when picking 4 stroke outboards is whether you want an electronic fuel-injected (EFI) engine or a traditional carbureted 4 stroke, depending on the horsepower range you need for your craft.

Outboards with EFI vs. Standard 4 Stroke Outboards
Outboards with EFI vs. Standard 4 Stroke Outboards

Starting with the basics, an EFI engine provides an edge when it comes to starting four-stroke outboards. It makes starting your engine much easier because there is no choke involved.

EFI outboards are more expensive than standard four-stroke outboards due to the more complex machinery required to make them work. However, you may discover that an EFI engine is well worth the extra cost due to its numerous other advantages.

4 Stroke Outboards and Environmental Concerns
From an environmental standpoint, EFI engines have a distinct advantage. They emit less pollution than carbureted engines. Manufacturers of marine engines, on the other hand, have made significant progress in decreasing carbon emissions from their 4 stroke carbureted engines in recent years. Most now have a 3-Star or even 4-Star C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) rating, indicating that they meet current EPA carbon emission requirements.

If weight is a consideration, keep in mind that an EFI engine will be heavier than a carbureted engine with the same horsepower output. This is due to the fact that an EFI engine has more moving parts.

Efficacy of Fuel
An EFI engine will provide you better gas mileage despite its extra weight at the same horsepower. This is especially true if you intend to use a lower-horsepower engine than the one for which your boat is qualified. When trying to push boats that are heavier than the engine is designed to move with a carbureted engine, you’ll use a lot more gas.

Electronic fuel injected outboard engines require less maintenance than a traditional 4 stroke carbureted engine due to their design and operation.

When EFI outboards, on the other hand, require maintenance or repair, the expense of doing so is typically higher.

Another key factor to consider is that if you prefer working on your own engine, you won’t be able to identify and solve a problem with an EFI engine because troubleshooting faults requires advanced computer diagnostics.

Considerations for Elevation
Choosing an EFI engine may be a simple option depending on your region and how you use your boat.

Carbureted engines are only designed to work at altitudes of up to 5,000 feet. If you live in or plan to visit a mountain state with your boat, you probably don’t want to have to change your jets every time the elevation rises above 5,000 feet (and switching them back when you head to lower elevations.) A computerized EFI engine is programmed to automatically correct for temperature and elevation variations.

Finally, because an EFI engine is controlled by a computer rather than the fluid dynamics that a carbureted engine relies on, it will provide you with superior throttle response and overall performance.

Which one will you pick? Marine Stock Supply has a wide range of EFI and 4-stroke carbureted motors ranging from 2.3 horsepower to 425 horsepower to fulfill your needs.

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