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Buy new / used Yamaha 30Hp Four-Stroke Outboard Motor from dealerships near me.

Yamaha 30Hp Outboard Motor

Yamaha 30Hp Outboard Motor. The Yamaha 30H outboard motor has a stellar reputation for dependability and durability in the water. It’s also simple to keep up with and fix.

Yamaha 30Hp Outboard Motor.
Buy new / used Yamaha 30Hp Four-Stroke Outboard Motor from dealerships near me.

Yamaha 30Hp Outboard Motor The four-metre Quintrex Breezeabout was one of the most popular compact aluminum runabouts in the early 1980s. The wide bow deflected spray admirably at displacement speeds, and the 1.8m beam provided stability unsurpassed by other similar runabouts. The hull was rated at 35 horsepower at the flywheel, which equated to a 31.5 horsepower prop rating (from 1983 onwards).

The Johnson 35 was the most popular outboard motor on this hull, and it was de-rated to 30 horsepower at the prop in 1983. In electric-start longshaft version, the original Johnson 35 weighed 56.5kg, virtually the maximum weight the Breezeabout was built to handle. With a 521cc twin-cylinder crossflow powerhead, the Johnson 35 was incredibly smooth, if a touch thirsty for its output.

Yamaha 30Hp Outboard Motor. The Johno 35, however, was phased out in 2000 when Bombardier Recreational Products acquired the bankrupt Outboard Marine. This left only three 30hp two-stroke outboards, all of which were loopcharged. This meant extended trolling was out, as were any four-stroke 30hp engines that weighed more than 70kg and were therefore too heavy for a Breezeabout transom (I know this because I tested one on a Breezeabout). No four-stroke 30hp outboard ever broke the 70kg barrier in all those years.

The Yamaha 30H was one of those two-strokes that had recently been improved for more torque by installing a larger tune exhaust megaphone to promote exhaust gas scavenging and a needle-roller center bearing for lifespan. It also used a 100:1 fuel/oil mixture, which cut oil expenses.


The Yamaha 30H outboard engine has the second largest piston displacement of any carbie two-stroke 30 currently on the market, according to the OEDA. It generates maximum power at only 5000rpm, compared to 5500rpm for the Johno. The output is 30 metric horsepower or 29.6 brake horsepower (746 Watts = 1bhp) (735.5W). The Yamaha 30H weights 58kg in electric-start longshaft configuration, which is under the Breezeabout’s weight limit.


Yamaha 30Hp Outboard Motor
Buy new / used Yamaha 30Hp Outboard Motor from online dealerships

We couldn’t test the Yamaha 30H outboard because a Breezeabout wasn’t available, so we utilized a 4.1m Brooker Sportsman aluminum runabout instead. Because the Sportsman’s keel ended considerably ahead of the transom, the outboard was raised 25mm on the transom to reduce lower unit drag. To match the 2.08:1 gear ratio and carry our three-adult load, we chose a 13in pitch alloy prop, bringing the total displacement to 590kg.

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