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Buy Yamaha 15F Outboard Motor near me

Yamaha 15F Outboard Motor

Yamaha 15F Outboard Motor
Buy Yamaha 15F Outboard Motor near me

Yamaha 15F Outboard Motor. For saltwater fishers, nothing surpasses the 15hp two-stroke Yamaha 15F portable outboard motor.

The Yamaha two-stroke portable outboard motor has been around for almost 20 years, which is hard to comprehend. It actually uses the same base powerhead that was launched in New Zealand in 1983.

That’s a good thing, because the original 15D and its Yamaha 15F successor were among the most popular outboards in this market. Despite the fact that both engines are premix, the fuel/oil mix is a lean 100:1, which minimizes oil costs and emissions. For loopcharged twins, both have mild vibration levels that are high enough to decrease tiller arm flab but not high enough to cause numbness after a lengthy run to a favorite fishing site.

The outward form and operator features of the Yamaha 15D and 15F outboards differ. The 15D had the classic angular cowl of the 1980s, but the 15F had a sleek, rounded cowl, similar to Yamaha’s 40X.

The Yamaha 15F portable outboard motor also comes with an upfront shifter and one of the most ingenious cold-starting systems I’ve ever seen. It’s also a little less heavy than the 15D. However, it is not as light as its major crossflow two-stroke counterpart.


The Yamaha 15F portable outboard motor features a twin-cylinder, single-carbie Japanese loopcharged powerhead with a multi-section crankshaft and solid conrods, in contrast to its direct US competition, which uses traditional marine engineering with a one-piece crankshaft and capped conrods, as do all four-stroke outboards currently available.

The cold-start mechanism distinguishes the Yamaha 15F portable outboard motor from the competition. Yamaha went with a cable-operated choke, ignition timing advance, and throttle opening method rather than a gasoline primer. The choke flap partially closes when the choke knob is pulled to the first stop. The mechanical ignition timing moves forward somewhat after the second halt. The throttle is gently opened after the third stop. Instant cold start, no tinkering with the throttle, and a quick warm-up of the engine.

Yamaha 15F Outboard Motor
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A 12V 6.7amp lighting coil with an attaching plug on the engine pan comes standard, although charging batteries requires the addition of a rectifier kit. Because there is no voltage regulation, we recommend using at least a 60amp/h battery for long runs to avoid frying.

The spark plugs and bowl-type fuel filter are conveniently accessible in the powerhead. After the first 20 hours, servicing intervals are every 100 hours or annually, and a 25:1 break-in mix is required for the first 10 hours. Standard (91 RON) or premium (95 RON) unleaded can be utilized, but only with a semi-synthetic oil; otherwise, fuel/oil separation may occur. Three years is the warranty period.

The 15Hp offered numerous hours of angling joy, you can cruised all over any saltwater discovering hidden coves and nooks with 15hp Engine easily. On the Sea Al, the normal 10.5in pitch alloy prop worked well with the 2.08:1 gear ratio, and the 15F surpassed all direct two-stroke competition tested on this hull. It also had a far higher fuel efficiency. Though it might be a touch loud at full throttle, it was quiet for a 15Hp, thanks to the dry exhaust relief, which allowed for very quiet operation.

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