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Suzuki DF300AP Outboard Motor

Suzuki DF300AP Outboard Motor

Suzuki DF300AP Outboard Motor
Suzuki DF300AP Outboard Motor

Suzuki DF300AP Outboard Motor For performance, handling, and ride, the Cruise Craft 685 Hard Top depends on a tried-and-true hull formula. With plenty of range and a hull that won’t wear you out over long distances, it’s a safe boat for travelling to large fishing grounds under the appropriate conditions. Its classic design will stand the test of time, and the high-quality construction will last for many years.

Suzuki DF300AP Outboard Motor
The owner of this Cruise Craft boat chose a 300hp Suzuki because a serious fishing boat like the Cruise Craft 685 Hard Top requires substantial power. The huge Suzuki outboard sits at the top of the range and gives scintillating performance. Cruise Craft boats recommend marine engines from 225 to 300 hp, so the big Suzuki outboard sits at the top of the range and delivers dazzling performance.

Those brawny ponies get the boat moving quickly, but there isn’t much of a bow lift and little sensation of transition to the plane. This can be attributed to the efficient running surfaces and the well-designed hull, which has enough buoyancy aft to keep the bow planted.

We had a beautiful holeshot with a 17.5in prop and a top speed just shy of 40kt, and we held 25-28kt out into the Heads without any bumping or banging.

To make a robust framework, the hull is foam-filled and linked together underneath. It helps to have the floor liner attached to the hull, but there’s more to it than that. Two longitudinal fibreglass girders with outside stringers combined with bulkheads at the key stress points make up a matrix grid beneath the floor.

We averaged 25kt and 34.3L/h when cruising around 4000rpm. So expect a range of 203nm with a 10% reserve at this speed, putting even the most elusive fish way beyond the shelf in range in the correct conditions.

Four-stroke outboards have grown in popularity to the point where they now dominate the outboard market, and Suzuki, a relative newcomer, has quickly established itself near the top in terms of sales and performance.

The 300hp Suzuki DF300AP is heavy on power, and despite all of the modern technology, it still believes in the adage that size matters: this V6 has a 4028cc capacity, which puts it on par with Yamaha but ahead of the supercharged Verado and two-stroke E-TEC.

Suzuki claims that their Lean Burn technology can improve fuel economy by 10% over competitors, and that its lower gearing allows for better acceleration when using a larger propeller.

As previously stated, the Cruise Craft 685 hardtop’s performance was outstanding, with the huge boat reaching a high speed of 39.5 knots. More engine time should result in a modest improvement, and the fuel statistics were excellent for a boat of this size.

The motor started instantly, whether hot or cold, and rolled smoothly with no vibration, odor, or spluttering. And there wasn’t any at full volume. The entire spectrum is deafeningly quiet.

Suzuki DF300AP four-stroke engine, 300 horsepower, two on board, 70% fuel load 310 liters of fuel (calculations using 90L, 10 per cent reserve). Read for more information

With a fuel burn of 3.4L/hr and a range of 344nm, 1000rpm obtains a speed of 4.2kt and a range of 344nm.

With a fuel burn of 23.2L/hr and a range of 216nm, 3000rpm reaches an 11kt planing speed and a range of 216nm.

6000rpm (WOT) achieves a top speed of 39.5kt and a fuel burn rate of 99L/hr, resulting in a range of 111nm.

The author provided the sea-trial data.

Specifications for the Suzuki DF300AP outboard motor

Suzuki DF300AP outboard motor

Displacement: 4028cc

Weight: 278KG

Gear Ratio: 2.08:1

Propeller: 17.5in

Engine Type: V6 four-stroke outboard motor with fuel injection

Rating 300 HP

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