About us

Phatchara Sakthanormsri is known as the trading masters of trade in the past years. We have a team of specialized, hard-working, and skilled workers. These workers have been working since 2006 in the marine accessories supplies. We are committed to maintaining the quality and quantity of our accessories and deliver the same to our customers at the global level. We make use of high-end technology and tools to bring perfection in our working ways. We sell to our customers only the products that meet the high-quality standards and expectations.

Our company has been working ceaselessly for years to provide customers with everything they need. For every problem, we have a solution that drives us as the leaders of this domain. We even have a smooth operating export venture where we export our products throughout the world. Being the most talked and prestigious supplyers, we do not overlook any details during the process of delivering our accessories.

Whether we receive small or bulk orders, we respect our every customer with full generosity and serve them with best of our services during their purchase. We feed on our customer’s satisfaction and value their feedback. During the process of delivering products to our customers, we personally check the packing and shipping of the goods in a precise manner.