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Cheap Outboard Motors dealerships near me

The Most Popular Outboard Motors

The Most Popular Outboard Motors
Cheap Outboard Motors dealerships near me

The Most Popular Outboard Motors It can be tough to tell what kind of outboard engine you’ll need to get the most out of your time on the lake unless you’re an outboard motor specialist. That’s why we built an outboard motor comparison to assist our customers in selecting the best outboard motor for their specific requirements. Forget about reading dozens of outboard motor reviews or wasting time trying to find the finest outboard motor manufacturer. With our handy outboard engine comparison chart, Marine Stock Supply can assist you in making the best choice. Looking to purchase your first outboard motor, Contact Marine Stock Supply. Let’s Chat

You can discover the ideal outboard motor for your boat, no matter what style of boat you have or how much power you need. It’s simple to shop for engines based on the number of cylinders or engine type.

Sure, you may spend days or weeks investigating different motors online, only to finish up much more perplexed than when you began because most articles and informational pages don’t provide all of the relevant information at a glance. Even obscure statistics like the recommended octane, gear ratios, and the manufacturer’s guarantee are all easily available.

The best part is that once you’ve found the right outboard engine, Marine Stock Supply is only a click away to assist you.

Most Popular Outboard Motors

MERCURY 600HP Verado

The first-ever V12 outboard, the SeaPro 500hp 7.6L V12 Mercury, revolutionized the way horsepower meets the water. It’s our most powerful and capable commercial outboard yet, at 500 horsepower. A unique steerable gearcase and automatic two-speed gearbox enable unequaled handling and maneuverability, while heavy-duty components ensure durable reliability. Every system is designed to provide exceptional fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance, allowing you to save costs and downtime while increasing productivity.

MERCURY 600HP Verado
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Yamaha’s award-winning 5.6L V8 425-hp XTO Offshore is built to be smarter, more powerful, and more efficient than anything else you’ve seen offshore. The XTO Offshore allows you to travel further, faster, and with more confidence than ever before because to its incredible control, precision, and reliability. It’s more than an outboard with industry-first features like a direct-injection four-stroke powerhead and an all-electric steering system. It’s an all-in-one power system. It’s also improving the whole offshore boating experience. With the Yamaha XTO Offshore, you can aim for the horizon – and beyond.

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It’s no secret that the desire for more powerful outboard motors is increasing. These new outboard motors have fueled a demand for larger boats that were previously powered by stern drive or other inboard motors. The boats get bigger as more powerful outboards are introduced, and the outboards get more muscular as the boats get bigger. Suzuki has begun a massive technical project to create the Ultimate Outboard Motor. Suzuki engineers started with a blank sheet of paper when designing the new DF350A, taking into account a variety of elements. Read more details here . More horsepower can be obtained in a variety of methods. Larger displacement engines may be used, as well as turbochargers or superchargers. Larger displacement engines, on the other hand, consume more gasoline and add to the overall weight. Adding sophisticated mechanical components, on the other hand, can raise dependability concerns. Once you’ve got all that power, the next step is to get it to hook up or gain traction in the water. Years of trial and error with computer simulations and on-the-water testing allowed Suzuki engineers to drastically enhance the way an outboard motor transfers engine power to underwater thrust. As Suzuki reveals the next chapter in our history, we invite you to join us.

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MERCURY 350HP Verado

The Most Popular Outboard Motors The 350 horsepower Mercury Verado outboard motor is a step up from the existing 2.6-litre inline six-cylinder Verado series, which starts at 200 horsepower. The supercharger, aftercooler, intake and exhaust manifolds, and ECU have all been revised on the new model, allowing for greater boost, which when combined with the appropriate fuel, brings power to 350 horsepower. It shares these improvements with the legendary Mercury 400R outboard, which takes the improvements even further.

On the back of the Finnish-designed Axopar 37 Suntop, we had a pair of Mercury 350 engines with 25in legs. With dual reliefs, a 20-degree deadrise, and axe-bow entry, the GRP hull has an on-water weight of roughly 4100kg. The engines used 16x19in Enertia propellers and were counter-rotating.

MERCURY 350HP Verado
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Yamaha has opened up a new set of stern layout possibilities for boats that previously had to choose between shafts and sterndrives due to the lack of invasive engine boxes and the kind of internal engineering that comes with placing engines inboard.

Big trailer boats were likewise enthralled by the V8s. That is, boats with hulls near to the largest that can be trailered by a competent vehicle, especially fishing boats with outboard engines because putting the engine inboard restricted cockpit room substantially.

Cruise Craft’s Explorer and Outsider 685 (about as good a pair of offshore fishermen as are manufactured in our nation) were designed to accommodate large outboards with a maximum horsepower of 270hp. How much of a leap would mounting one of the new 300s on the back be?

We discovered this while testing an Explorer 685 equipped with a new Yamaha F300 AETX/09 on the transom.
Modern Fishing tested a pair of Explorer 685s a few years ago, one with a single 225hp Yamaha four-stroke and the other with two 135hp supercharged Mercury Verados.

YAMAHA 300HP Outboard Motor
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MERCURY 300HP Four Stroke

The Most Popular Outboard Motors You can have it all: dependability, flexibility, power, and efficiency. Mercury V8 and V6 Four Stroke outboards combine renowned performance and cutting-edge technology, backed by decades of marine power innovation and product leadership. Four Stroke outboards are designed for use in a variety of boats and on any body of water.

The FourStroke is equipped with hydraulic steering and cable-controlled throttle as standard, with the superb Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) available as an option. The 300hp V8 Verado comes standard with a larger alternator (115 amps vs. 85 amps), a switchable exhaust with a bypass valve above the water line, Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Power-Steering, and DTS. The exhaust bypass is standard on the ProXS (which saves weight), although improvements to the steering hydraulic and throttle cable are available. The two SeaPros are aimed at commercial operators, with the SeaPro AMS coming standard with the Advanced Midsection (AMS), a larger alternator, and DTS.

The CMS SeaPro foregoes the sophisticated steering, DTS, and larger alternator, virtually replicating the FourStroke’s specs but with a commercially rated warranty.

On the warranty, it was stated in News a while back that Mercury was switching to a 3+3 year guarantee on all 2018 and newer engines; this includes the V8, and it is non-declining, which means full coverage for the entire engine for six years if you keep up with scheduled maintenance. Click here for more information

MERCURY 300HP Four Stroke
MERCURY 300HP Four Stroke


Yamaha’s VF250 Vmax SHO (Super High Output) four-stroke outboards give unfettered power, speed, and performance where no other four-stroke or two-stroke can.

This race-bred outboard was created to satisfy the demands of competitive bass boat fishing, skiing, racing, and other high-octane boating activities.

The 4.2 litre, 24-valve, double overhead cam engine is not only compact, but also lighter than any other four-stroke engine on the market. The plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders, which reduce total weight while increasing engine capacity, are the key to its performance. There is no better alternative if speed is important to you. Continue reading here for more information

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The Most Popular Outboard Motors


Honda has been a leader in the automotive industry for nearly seven decades. Honda’s innovations have helped motorcycles, vehicles, and small “power product” engines. Honda’s initial efforts and continuous commitment resulted in the four-stroke outboard being introduced to the world of boats. Do you recall the comments? Too heavy, too slow, and too much upkeep. Thanks to Honda, it now appears to be a farce.

Honda, on the other hand, is a conservative company in general. They dance to their own beat and will not be persuaded or enticed to follow the latest fad. With the introduction of the megamotor outboard, this was the case. While the competition was racing to build 300 horsepower monsters, Honda’s offers remained limited to 225 horsepower, with little indication that this would change.

You could see the reasoning for a while. The large engines seemed to cater to a niche market of flamboyant, high-speed gold chains and blonds-on-board types. That swiftly changed when the 250-300 hp engines found homes on a wide range of vessels, many of which were built particularly for them, typically as a replacement for I/O power.

Honda has responded by releasing the BF250, a 3.6 litre (3583cc) version of the 3471cc BF225 60 degree 24 valve V6. That may appear to be a straightforward exercise – punch out the displacement, slightly tweak the induction, and presto! 25 more horses. Honda, on the other hand, has gone through a thorough engineering study of the flagship BF250, adding features and improvements that will help the engine perform better in its heavy-duty function. And, I believe, this will help the engine if Honda decides to boost the horsepower.

Honda 250 hp Outboard Motor
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The Most Popular Outboard Motors


Yamaha’s new 200hp 4-stroke is a fantastic four-cylinder powerhouse.

Not only is the new Yamaha F200 the lightest 200hp 4-stroke outboard in the world, but it also has the best power-to-weight ratio of any 200hp 4-stroke.

The new 4-cylinder F200 weighs under 227kg and comes with a brand new 2.8-litre double overhead camshaft engine, variable camshaft timing, and Yamaha’s unique Shift Dampener System (SDS), which was previously only available on Yamaha’s 4.2L V6 line.

Yamaha 200Hp Outboard Motor
Yamaha 200Hp Outboard Motor dealerships near me

The new F200 weighs 56 kg less than the V6 F200 and just 6 kg more than Yamaha’s super-powerful two-stroke 200hp HPDI, and fits neatly between Yamaha’s popular F150A and the company’s unique 4.2 litre V6 engines. Even more impressive, the new F200 is one kilogram lighter than the F150A!

According to Greg Fenwick of Yamaha Motor New Zealand, the new F200 is excellent for new owners of 6-metre GRP trailer boats as well as those wishing to repower.

Despite the fact that the 150 performs admirably in most conditions, there are always individuals who wish for more power, whether to drive quicker or to carry a heavier load. While the V6 200hp four strokes were more powerful, they were also significantly heavier.

‘With the new four-cylinder F200, Kiwi boat owners can now have it all: much greater horsepower with almost no added weight.’

Yamaha’s 2.8-litre, 16-valve DOHC powerhead, advanced valve train design, and Variable Camshaft Timing System work together to deliver market-leading acceleration and mid-range punch.

The F200 is also the first four-cylinder, four-stroke outboard to include Yamaha’s groundbreaking Shift Dampener System (SDS). SDS guarantees smooth, nearly silent gear changes by using a proprietary splined rubber hub to absorb the stress exerted when an outboard is switched into gear, resulting in increased durability and a more pleasant experience.

MERCURY 150HP Four Stroke

The Most Popular Outboard Motors With the release of the Mercury 135hp FourStroke outboard recently, it seems appropriate to review the larger 150hp sibling. The big-displacement in-line four-cylinder Mercury four-stroke, which was introduced more than three years ago, has proven to be a major success – and is now powering anything from high-performance bass boats to party pontoon craft all over the world.

The Mercury 150hp FourStroke was lauded as a breakthrough design when it was debuted in late 2011. The Mercury’s lightweight, compact design promised a new level of performance, more in line with typical two-stroke outboards like Mercury’s own DFI Optimax.

Is it up to date? The answer to this question is a resounding yes, according to all accounts and our personal experience.

The Mercury 150hp foregoes the Verado four-strokes’ modest displacement, supercharged engine arrangement in favor of a normally-aspirated, EFI engine with a class-leading 2998cc displacement. The next closest competition in terms of cubic capacity is the Suzuki 150hp, which has a displacement of 2867cc.

The Mercury’s big displacement layout provides plenty of low-down torque for great hole-shots and mid-range pick-up.

The Mercury 150hp is an in-line four-cylinder engine with a single overhead camshaft and eight valves in terms of design.

The Mercury has a bore and stroke of 102mm x 92mm, as well as a low 1.92:1 gear ratio.

Multi-port EFI ensures effective fuel delivery across the rpm range, resulting in exceptional economy.

Mercury chose a single overhead cam configuration over a double overhead cam, 16-valve engine architecture used by competitors (in combination with eight over-sized valves). This design is simpler, with strong low-down torque from the huge displacement in this case and fewer moving components to decrease servicing and, presumably, owner maintenance costs.

Because customers believe four-strokes are still over-weight compared to their two-stroke counterparts, the simplified design also reduces weight, which is a critical concern in the market.

Mercury 150HP Four Stroke
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