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DF300AP Suzuki Outboard motor for sale

Suzuki DF300AP Review

Suzuki DF300AP Review The First Engine With Selective Rotation In The World:

Suzuki DF300AP
DF300AP Suzuki Outboard motor for sale

Suzuki DF300AP Review Suzuki introduces the DF300AP, the world’s first outboard motor with a single foot that can rotate and counter-rotate independently.

The DF300AP is the world’s first outboard motor with a single foot that can rotate and counter-rotate independently. Suzuki Marine unveiled the new DF300AP, which has the new Suzuki Selective Rotation system, which combines two versions of the same model in a single motor: right-hand and left-hand rotation.

The achievement of this outcome was made possible by a redesigned foot box with a new hydrodynamic profile that decreases advancing resistance, as well as a new design based on fluid dynamics research and the Suzuki brand’s maritime experience. The Suzuki DF300AP’s revolutionary foot has been an exceptional showcase for the highly modern technologies and imaginative design utilized since its introduction.

It establishes the new benchmark in terms of power and lightness as the world’s first 300 horsepower (220.7 kW) 4-stroke outboard engine, earning the American NMMA award in appreciation of the results accomplished (National Marine Manufacturers Association). Thanks to the advanced technology of the Lean Burn Control System and the Suzuki precision control system, an engine has been developed that can deliver exceptional performance while consuming very little fuel while adhering to the strictest environmental standards.

The new DF300AP comes with “Suzuki Selective Rotation,” the world’s first foot rotation selection technology that allows you to rotate and counter-rotate on the same foot. Simply connect a coupler to the electrical circuit and install a left-handed propeller to utilize the engine in counter-rotating mode.

DF300AP Suzuki Outboard motor
Buy DF300AP Suzuki Outboard motor for sale

The DF300AP’s redesigned foot is equipped with four water intakes (two on the left side, two on the right side), two of which are located in the lower portions of both sides to ensure that the cooling system performs consistently at high speeds and in every driving condition. The appealing and bold graphic design on the grille of the new Suzuki DF300AP is a symbol of the advanced design technologies employed in the production of this new engine.


Our advanced drive-by-wire system provides control without the friction and drag that mechanical control wires might cause. It provides accurate and smooth control, as well as quick and decisive shifting, particularly at low rpm and while maneuvering. Single, double, triple, or quadruple installations, as well as double stations, are all possible configurations for the system. It helps to enhance fuel efficiency at all engine speeds when used in conjunction with the “Lean Burn” system.

The NMEA 2000 protocol (National Marine Electronic Association) is used by the Suzuki Modular Instrument System (SMIS), which is ready to receive any data supplied by the engine and any suitable supplementary instruments. The information may be examined in both numerical and graphical form by the user.

It is simple to install and expand depending on the needs of the motorization; these characteristics make it suitable for use on any type of motorized boat with DF250AP. The SMIS instrument is a multi-function indicator with a 4-inch LCD display with high contrast and backlighting that allows for an optimal view of the data; it can monitor engine functions in real time by returning data from a tachometer, trim indicator, GPS, or any other NMEA 2000 approved instrument. Read here for more information.

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