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Yamaha 115 hp Outboard Motor for sale

Yamaha 115 hp Outboard Motor

Yamaha 115 hp Outboard Motor
Used and New Yamaha 115 hp Outboard Motor

Yamaha 115 hp Outboard Motor . On the power and performance front, the Yamaha F115XB is the 575’s highest horsepower rating, and it’s the perfect blend of power to weight and hull shape. This engine has four cylinders with 1.8L of gasoline injected four stroke grunt.

With a standard 13 14 x 17″ Yamaha ally prop and a relatively lightweight hull of around 1500kg, the Yamaha 115 offers a quick hole-shot, a comfortable intermediate speed of 20 knots at 4000rpm, and a reasonable top end of over 35 knots at 6000rpm.

The economy across the rev ranges is one of the most striking aspects of this motor and hull combo. The 115 sits at 1500rpm and sucks away at 3.5LPH at modest troll speeds about 5 knots–and that’s many hours of trolling off the 100L fuel tank.

The optimum and pleasant cruise speed in the mid-range is around 20 knots, with revs at 4000rpm and a very impressive fuel burn of 15.3LPH.

Yamaha 115 hp Outboard Motor
Yamaha 115 hp Outboard Motor for sale

When you lower the hammer to WOT, the fuel burn increases to 40.7LPH @ 6000rpm. When you consider the speed, it’s actually a good value for the hull size. Let’s face it, wringing a motor’s neck at maximum revs isn’t good for any engine, and who travels at full speed all of the time? In most cases, the circumstances do not permit it. Read more

When it comes to noise, the 115hp makes a noticeable presence at full throttle, which is to be expected. In any case, it’s not a terrible sound, and I like the tone. The motor settles down to a silky-smooth tone in the mid-range, and it’s smooth and quiet at idling.

After testing the new generation Yamaha F115 outboards on a variety of brands and styles of boats, they are without a doubt one of the most popular brands and common horsepower outboards on the market, and it’s no surprise given their ample power, lightweight design, low cost of ownership, and relatively simple maintenance. Because of the simple access to the filters, oil drain, pumps, plugs, and even timing belt adjustments, I would be comfortable conducting the services on them as an out of warranty motor.

The Yamaha F115 on the Surtees 575 Pro Fisher is a motor that is typically used on commercial vessels and comes with a 4-year guarantee for recreational usage. Greater torque, more power, and better economy from the 115hp as tested is without a doubt my favorite and the perfect horsepower on the 575 Pro Fisher, rather than reducing to a lesser horsepower to save a few dollars. The new Yamaha F90, on the other hand, is a fantastic motor that could be a wonderful complement for the 575 Pro Fisher.

Type: 4-Stroke, 16 Valve DOHC Direct Action In-line 4 YAMAHA F115XB SPECS

Weight: 176 kg Dry

Displacement: 1832cc 1.8L

Gear Ratio: 2.15:1

Propeller: 13 1/4 x 17

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