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Best Outboard Motors 2022

Best Outboard Motors 2022

Best Outboard Motors 2022, Where will outboard motors go in the future? As we can see in today’s market, this is almost certainly due to a continual mix of technology. Gasoline, diesel, and electric vehicles will all play a part, and no single system can be anticipated to dominate the market because each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Because the applications of technology are so diverse, the growing domination of electric and hybrid-electric power systems seen in vehicles meant for use on land is unlikely to be reflected in the maritime realm, at least not in the near term. In a boat, for example, regenerative braking (which uses a car’s braking to feed power back to the batteries) isn’t practical. And, unlike automotive applications, boat motors typically run at high RPM for long periods of time, draining the battery banks quickly. On small boats, the power and range limits aren’t a concern, and small electric outboards are gaining popularity year after year. However, for larger vessels traveling long distances, this remains a significant issue. As a result, internal combustion outboards are unlikely to become obsolete anytime soon.

Modern outboards, on the other hand, are expected to join the IoT in the near future. Apps from all of the major manufacturers now “speak” to the larger, more complex machines, delivering anything from diagnostic information to routine maintenance warnings. The most recent development is Yamaha Marine’s acquisition of Siren Marine, a company that provides remote monitoring and control systems for boats. Yamaha‘s purchase of Siren, announced in late 2021 and completed in early 2022, foreshadows the company’s drive toward total connection, similar to what we’ve seen in the high-end car market in recent years.

Given the popularity of outboard engines, one may expect a pretty big field of competitors for outboard motor manufactures. However, there are only a few large players.

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