Baystar Hydraulic Control Kit


Hydraulic steering Baystar complete set for outboard engines up to 150 hp

Baystar hydraulic control kit up to 150 hp contains:

1 x control pump HH4314-3
Diameter: 11.5 cm Construction length 10 cm
1 x cylinder HC4645
1 x line set, shortenable max. 6 mtr. HT4420
2 x hydraulic oil HA5430
1 x oil filling set HA5438

The system fits with all commercially available steering wheels.

Installation is easy, the steering fits almost all common outboards from 30-150 hp. You only need a transverse tiller tube for installation (standard on almost all outboards).



Baystar Hydraulic Control Kit

Baystar Hydraulic Control Kit. Built and certified to meet safety & quality requirements established by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and International Standards Organization (ISO)

Baystar hydraulic control kit. New SeaStar Solutions BayStar Tilt hydraulic outboard steering system. Comes complete with everything needed to install, including installation instructions. This kit includes the BayStar HH4315-3 tilt helm. (For the regular non-tilt BayStar kit, please go here.)

The BayStar hydraulic steering kit is made by the manufacturers of SeaStar, which is without a doubt the most trusted brand in pleasure boat hydraulic steering. SeaStar Solutions Hydraulic steering has a tradition of durability and efficiency, and the BayStar Hydraulic Steering Kit HK4200A-3 embodies those same traits. The BayStar kit was built for smaller outboards of up to 150 HP. It’s an ideal upgrade to mechanically steered boats under 150 HP, thanks to it’s affordable price.

5 Turns Lock-to-Lock (1.4 cu in. displacement helm)
Standard 3/4″ Tapered Keyed Steering Shaft
Patented No FeedBack™ (NFB) Lock Valves
Exceeds NMMA and ABYC Standards

Works For

Single-helm, single-outboard boats under 55 mph and 150 hp. If your outboard exceeds 150 hp or is a pontoon boat, you’ll need the SeaStar tilt kit. If your boat exceeds 55 mph, is a fast bass boat, or has dual-cable steering, you’ll need the SeaStar Pro kit (non-tilt). The BayStar requires a minimum 21″ (534mm) splash well width.


Comes with HC4645-3 compact cylinder to fit most outboards. Use the application guide in the product images to make sure that is what you need prior to ordering. If you need a different cylinder, find the BayStar kit that comes with it here: HC4647, HC4648, or HC4658. If you need the HO5090 spacer kit, find it here.


Comes with two 20ft cut-to-length hoses, which accommodate most boats. During installation, the instructions will guide you on how to cut the hoses to the required length and install the included compression nuts. If you need longer than 20ft, use a SeaStar hose kit, which is fully compatible with the BayStar. You can use the measuring guide in the product images to see what length your boat requires.



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